DeatschWerks DWR2000 - Fuel Pressure Regulator

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The new DeatschWerks fuel pressure regulators provide the quality, precision, and reliability your fuel system deserves. Both the DWR1000 (1000hp) and DWR2000 (2000hp) come with dual AN inlets, and a single bottom mounted AN return.  Construction materials are stainless steel and anodized for ethanol and methanol compatibility. A ball-bearing mechanism allows for smooth and accurate base pressure adjustment.  The large 45 mm fiber-reinforced Viton diaphragm is compatible with all fuels and provides a large surface area for increased response and precision. Regulators come with a multi-positional mounting bracket to maximize installation options, and a 1/8 NPT gauge port (sold separately).

Inlet: -10AN Dual
Outlet: -8AN