ECUMaster Mini Cooper R53 EMU Black Plug in ECU

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ECUMaster Mini Cooper R53 EMU Black Plug in ECU

The EMU BLACK PNP ECU series was created to simplify the connection of the EMU BLACK ECU to popular cars. The ECU has a preloaded base map for an unmodified stock car which is a very good starting point for tuning the engine.

Basemap & Installation Links: 

Installation Manual


The list below summarizes all EMU BLACK PNP ECU features for the Mini Cooper R53

- Precise fuel control based on Speed Density strategy

- Advanced ignition angle control

- Real time tuning

- Wideband oxygen sensor support (LSU 4.2 or LSU 4.9)

- Knock control

- Drive by wire support with auto-calibration feature

- Fuel auto-tune function

- Support of OEM CAN stream

- Sport functions like traction control, boost control, rev matching, gear cut, etc.

- Safety features like oil pressure cut, stuck throttle detection, lambda guard and more - Easy and intuitive software