NISSAN S13 SR20 (J4/J5) Adapter For EMU CLASSIC

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 Adapter for the Nissan S13 SR20DET allows easier installation of the EMU and EMU CLASSIC standalone ECU to the J4/J5 ECU harness without spending hours making your own harness. All ECUs are sold separately.

Technical note on the S13 SR20 models:
This adapter is designed for J4/J5 ECU pinout configuration. This number designation can be found on the Nissan ECU label. If your ECU is labeled 62, 63, or E5 see the document link below for instructions on converting your 62, 63, or E5 ECU configuration to J4/J5 ECU configuration. 

We now stock an adapter for the 62/63-E5-QT-NQ ECU configuration in the following link.
Nissan 64-pin adapter for S13, S14, and some 64-pin S15 ECU harness configurations  

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